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  • A manual on industrial bookbinding, compiling the most common techniques and what you can do with them. Built for quick consultation. Thoroughly illustrated.

  • Production-level knowledge

    Developed with experienced industrial bookbinders. Keeping up with the latest state-of-the-art techniques. This book describes each binding method, its processes and what to consider. A collection of the industry’s highest standards.

  • Communication made easy throughout production

    Built to provide a common language and making it accessible to those who are involved in bookmaking, from editors and authors to designers and binders.

  • Quick reference guide, fully illustrated

    One technique per spread. Multiple indexes. Visual navigation, by binding type or technique. Thoroughly illustrated. Find what you want in a blink of an eye.

  • Bilingual (English and Portuguese). 17 Binding techniques, grouped under Wire Stitching, Adhesives, Thread Sewing, Mechanical Binding, Rubber-bands and Fasteners. 100+ illustrations and schematics.

  • Plate cylinder offset print 2/2 spot colours; Pantones 3262 U and Blue 072 U; Endpapers printed in one 72 × 102 cm sheet on Munken Print White 300 g/m², with 2 imposition maps, 8 folios per sheet; Book block printed in 4 72 × 102 cm sheets on Munken Print White 115 g/m², 1.5 bulk with 8 imposition maps, 3 signatures per sheet; 12 signatures with 12 pages and 2 endpaper folios, smyth sewn with Petic colour 133; Grain direction parallel to the spine; Bound with water-based adhesive; Trimmed on 3 sides; Edges coloured with water-based ink.

  • An example on bookbinding

    Green enamel coloured edges. Naked spine so you can see the binding. Carefully selected green thread.

  • Great attention to production details

    Bound with cold glue and smyth sewn. The book lays flat without any resistance from the binding. Narrow format that just feels good in your hands.

  • Built to last

    Bound with 12 signatures and cold-glued. High quality paper and spot colour printing. A highly resistant and long-lasting object for intense usage.

    • Pressing Matters Magazine

      "this bright looking slab [...] not only offers something for anyone wanting to know more about the science of book-binding, it’s also a work of art in and of itself, we reckon."

  • With this book you will be able to:

    • recognize the best solution to bind your book.
    • understand the characteristics of each technique.
    • know the process of binding techniques
    • obtain considerations to have in account
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  • Publisher: 0.itemzero + Maiadouro; Authors: Rúben R. Dias, Rui Oliveira, Fábio Duarte Martins, Ricardo Philippe Dantas; English Translation: Hugo Rocha, Maria João Cunha; Revision: Maria João Cunha; Design and Infographics: Itemzero; Typeface: Uivo by Scannerlicker; Prepress, Printing and Finishing: Gráfica Maiadouro.

    ISBN: 978-989-330088-6; Legal Deposit: 464005/19.

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