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The Book Block – Ultimate Manual How To Bookbinding A Book about Bookbinding, compiling the most common techniques thoroughly illustrated. A stunning how-to manual with 4 international awards in 2020.

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Industrial Bookbinding Techniques Made Easy

Bilingual edition English/Portuguese.

With this bookbinding book, you will be able to

Book Binding

Recognize the best solution to bind your book.

Binding techniques

Understand the process of binding techniques

Technique characteristics

Know the characteristics of each technique


Obtain considerations to have in account

The Book Block 03 - Communication made easy throughout production

The Book Block: 17 types of bookbinding and printing techniques

Developed with experienced industrial bookbinders. Keeping up with the latest state-of-the-art techniques. This book describes each binding method, option, vocabulary, processes, and what to consider, in detail.

A collection of the industry’s highest standards.

A bilingual manual (English & Portuguese) on industrial bookbinding, compiling the most common techniques and what you can do with them. Built for quick consultation. A bookbinding manual of techniques thoroughly illustrated.

The Book Block Awards

ADC Awards Merit
Novum Design Award Gold
CCP prata 2020
ADCE Awards 2020 Nominee


“this bright looking slab […] not only offers something for anyone wanting to know more about the science of book-binding, it’s also a work of art in and of itself, we reckon.”

Pressing Matters Magazine

“The Book Block is a very clear and compact guide to all the techniques of modern bookbinding. Designers and manufacturers should be encouraged by it!”

Robin Kinross

Hyphen Press Editor

“Fundamental work in the graphic area with an unparalleled repository of the most recent book finishing options. Simple, complete, exemplary work and a fantastic object in and of itself…”

Miguel Sanches

Lecturer in the Degree of Design and Technology of
Graphic Arts, College of Technology of Tomar,
Member of TGRAF – International Centre of
Studies and Research in Graphic Technologies
and Scientific Communication

“The Book Block is an excellent publication in form and content.”

Duarte Azinheira

Publishing and Culture Director
of the Portuguese Press–Mint

“If you make, have made or want to make books, this is a must-have in your book shelf.”

Stefan D’Andrea

Professor at Karlsruhe
University of Arts and Design,
Karlsruhe, Germany

“A book for those who appreciate excellence in book production”

Cláudio Garrudo

Photographer and Coordinator
of the Publishing Department
at the Portuguese Press–Mint

“The Book Block is a valuable reference manual that gathers the most common industrial binding techniques in dual languages: English and Portuguese. Priceless book that will make me company on the quest to do better books.”

Adriano Esteves

Founder & Creative Director
of Bürokratik Studio


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Ruben Dias

PhD in Design, associate of the internationally awarded Itemzero Studio and teacher at ESAD  — Matosinhos. Consultant on type and typography, world wide lecturer, also authored Manual do Tipógrafo and Imprimere’s book.

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Rui Oliveira

Gráfica Maiadouro’s Director and Production Manager for over 30 years. Actively looks towards integrating his client’s projects, offering technical solutions with his vast experience has a cornerstone.

Fabio Duarte Martins

Fábio Duarte Martins

Type and Editorial Designer, Fábio works regularly with Creative and Art Directors. He writes and teaches at IADE. Fábio is an associate at Itemzero and creates typefaces through Scannerlicker Type Foundry.

Ricardo Philippe Dantas

Ricardo Philippe Dantas

Associate at Itemzero and teacher at  —  IPLeiria and LSD  —  Lisbon School of Design, Ricardo is an internationally awarded Editorial Designer, part of Tipos das Letras and Tipografia Dias.


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